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My name is Sally Barron, and I have worked at Day Care Junction since 1996. After working with

Kindergarten students for 9 years, I taught older three year olds for 2 years, and I am now teaching one of

our 4 year Pre-K classes. Through the years, I have had the privilege of sharing in the lives of so many,

many boys and girls. I love and enjoy my job because I dearly love to teach and be around children. I have

been very blessed to work here. I have seen 'my' boys and girls go on to do very well at El Paso area

schools. When they come back to visit, as many of them do, it reminds me of how proud I am, to have

been able to be part of their lives when they were 4 and 5 years old.


My name is Dolores, or Ms. Lola, which is how I am known here. I have worked at Day Care Junction for

over 20 years. Over those years, I have fallen in love more than 300 times! Yes, over 300 children have

stolen my heart; their beautiful smiles and their love have filled me with joy. I will never forget the child who

made up a special dance, just for me. He called it the 'Lola Dance'. Through the years, I have made lifelong

friendships and shared countless 'first time moments'. I've had the pleasure of seeing some of my first

`students' graduate from college and start families of their own. Day Care Junction has truly been a blessing

in my life.


Day Care Junction has made it possible for my husband and me to continue our careers, while still allowing

our daughters to grow up in a healthy, loving environment. The thing that makes Day Care Junction stand out

above other facilities is the quality, knowledge and experience of the teachers. The women caring for children

here are not working part time while pursuing other interests. They have dedicated their careers to caring for

children—and it shows! The bonds that our daughters have formed with each of their teachers makes me so

happy, because I know that even though I am not with them during the day, they are being cared for by veteran

women who truly have the kids' best interests at heart. Day Care Junction has been such a blessing to our

family, and we wouldn't have our kids any place else.


Paige M


Day Care Junction has skillfully guided our daughter, and her parents, with love, understanding, and humor through the maze that was her early childhood development. We are confident that our daughter is well prepared for the next stage of her development and education.